• Foundation Support for U.S. Democracy by Category

    This chart features the top-level categories used to represent funding for democracy in Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy. It illustrates the relatively even distribution across three categories — Civic Participation, Government, and Media, followed by the final identified category, Campaigns, Elections, and Voting, which attracts about 2/3 less funding.

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  • How is Philanthropy Engaging with Legislatures?

    The third infographic in the series narrows in on foundation grantmaking that engages with U.S. legislatures. The findings indicate that just under half of all funding in this area focuses on one or more specific policy issue areas–such as health or education–while the balance of funding either doesn’t specify, or is more broadly aimed at promoting a sense of bipartisanship among legislators. The infographic also identifies the proportion of funding going to different levels of government–national, state, and local–for this work.

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  • Who’s Financing the Campaign Finance Conversation?

    Whether it’s research around the public financing of elections, support for tools that track money in U.S. politics, or advocacy that frames campaign contributions as a first amendment right, foundations are engaged in issues of money in politics on a number of fronts. This infographic features 878 grants totaling $93.6 million for activities related to campaign finance in the U.S., and highlights the top funders and recipients engaged in this work.

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  • How Foundations Get Out the Vote

    This infographic identifies 1,859 grants totaling $222.7 million in support of efforts related to voter education, registration, turnout, and access. Recognizing that demographic disparities exist for voter turnout, the infographic highlights the amount of funding for these efforts that focus on specific underrepresented population groups. Consistent with recent judicial focus on the 1965 Voting Rights Act, as well as state voter ID laws, a breakdown by strategy reveals that a substantial proportion (24%) of funding for voting supports litigation.

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