What Is It?

Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy is a data visualization platform for funders, nonprofits, journalists, and anyone interested in understanding philanthropy’s role in U.S. democracy

Data visualization platform

Why Is This Tool Unique?

  • Only source of information on how foundations are supporting U.S. democracy
  • Uses a common framework for understanding what activities foundations are funding
  • Provides direct access to available funding data
  • Delivers fresh and timely data every week
Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy

How Can You Use It?

  • Understand who is funding what, where
  • Analyze funder and nonprofit networks
  • Compare foundation funding for issues you care about
  • Support your knowledge about the field
  • Discover new philanthropic partners

Powered By Foundation Center

in partnership with:

Carnegie Corporation of New York Democracy Fund Hewlett Foundation The JPB Foundation MacArthur Foundation Open Society Foundations Rita Allen Foundation Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • Andrew Carnegie had a vision of America as a vibrant democracy that is continually strengthened by new knowledge and increased access to learning. Foundation Center, a long-time Carnegie Corporation grantee, has an innovative new tool that contributes to realizing this ideal, helping to advance the progress of our society through the work of philanthropy and those who partner with efforts to uplift our nation and the lives of all its citizens. Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York
    Vartan Gregorian
  • As both a grantseeker and an organization dedicated to improving media and democracy, it is important for us to stay on top of what’s happening in this space. This tool makes the task much easier. Natalie (Talia) Stroud, Director, Engaging News Project
    Natalie (Talia) Stroud
  • Within minutes of logging into the new tool, we were able to identify new funders and explore their grantmaking priorities. We also discovered new peer organizations with whom we hope to collaborate. Edwin Bender, Executive Director, National Institute on Money in State Politics
    Edwin Bender
  • This is a significant new tool. As a funder, whether you’re already committed to strengthening U.S. democracy or wondering if you can make a difference, this mapping of the landscape shows where needs and goals align. We hope others will join us — both to make the tool more complete and to use it together to build a more vibrant civil society. Elizabeth Good Christopherson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rita Allen Foundation
    Elizabeth Good Christopherson
  • Foundation Center is proud to serve as a partner for a resource that facilitates knowledge sharing, communicates philanthropy’s reach and impact, and uncovers opportunities for collaboration. In this way, we are going far beyond building tools — we’re building connections. Bradford K. Smith, President, Foundation Center
    Bradford K. Smith